Questions I Ask Myself.

Questions I Ask Myself.

Do you talk to yourself? I do. Sometimes in my head, sometimes out loud. I ask myself a lot of questions. Occasionally I have the answer but, most of the times I don’t. One question I am trying to ask myself as soon as I wake up, and multiple times a day is…
How can I show love?

It seems simple enough right?
Though the question is simple, the answer rarely is. At times it comes naturally. For example kissing my husband when he leaves for work in the morning, or telling Baby T “goodnight I love you” at bed time. That kind of love is just part of my day, automatic, routine. Still meaning full, but not really the challenge.

A little more difficult is trying to show love in neutral situations. As in, the 2 minute conversation I have with a cashier, making dinner, or talking about my day with a friend. Not necessarily a negative situation, but trying to figure out how can I go above and beyond to make those interactions meaningful. I am learning that most of the time it is just in my mindset. If I can control vibes I am giving off I can completely change someones day for the good.

The hardest part is showing love when I would much rather show anger or some other emotion of equal negativity. (I’ll probably never master this one) It’s easy to hurt back when I have been hurt. It is NOT easy to let it go and respond to the real issue.
Lately in those situations I have been trying to stop for a moment, take a breath and ask myself…
How can I show love?

Until Next Week
– Mama T

P.S. TOUGH LOVE IS STILL LOVE. Not all love is gentile….BUT make sure it is still coming from a place of LOVE.




Hello Autumn

Hello Autumn

Ahh, this cool rain is such a relief from that crazy heat we had last weekend!

I’m really looking forward to some nice trail rides this fall.  (I’m hoping my horse, Rose, has a smooth recovery from stepping on a nail!)  I’ve also been planning a bit of a training program for my miniature horses, Luna and Jax,  since I want them to be trustworthy for my daughter and other kids to ride. And my retired horse, Scout, just gets be lazy and enjoy his geriatric years.

It’ll be nice to move back to the farm. I really can’t wait.

So what are you guys looking forward to this season? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!




Here We Go Again.

Here We Go Again.

Last night I spent half of the night on the couch with Baby T…
because we are teething some more. From what I can tell the poor little dude has 3 teeth on the top coming in, and 4 on the bottom. Baby Tylenol, and Lavender oil were not quite enough to make him feel better, he just wanted snuggles. So, that is what we did. (I have the sore neck and back to prove it haha)

Baby T is not really a kid to just cry for no reason. When he does it’s more of a whine and right away I know the difference. It’s a mom thing I guess. To be able to discern when to “not put up with that s%!t” and when to comfort. Now….with the rest of my life unfortunately it is not as easy.  I am really good at giving people too many chances, and letting them hurt me over and over again. It’s kinda like the hormone that literally makes a mom forget how bad the pain of child birth is, to trick them into making another human. (mine has unfortunately not kicked in because I DEFINITELY remember how terrible it was.) It’s really not fair that the people with loving hearts, are the ones getting hurt by other’s actions. When it’s how we are SUPPOSED to be! It gets looked at by some as a weakness to be loving, forgiving, and nurturing. In all reality, it takes 1000% more strength to love in spite of the pain.

Someone close to me said the other day, “It’s so hard trying to always be a light”
(or something to that effect.) And it IS hard. BUT.
Nothing worth doing is easy.
So, keep on loving.

Until Next Week
– Mama T





People, you amaze me.

Sometimes, like tonight, I think of all the story parts I know about you.

How you break and fall, but stand and keep moving forward.

How you find reasons to smile, and to keep fighting.

How at your weakest, you’re truly the strongest.

You’re inspiring, you’re strong, you’re amazing.

So don’t give up on your dreams.

Never surrender to failure.

Learn. Grow. Breathe.

Embrace the changes that makes you the best version of yourselves.

Keep up the good work. 🙂

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P.s. It’s my sister’s birthday!

In My Head.

In My Head.

Hi, I am Tierra and I suffer from depression and extreme anxiety.

Both of those things on their own are quite crippling. When you have them both you are basically at constant war with yourself and the forces around you. I already know you either completely understand, or you can’t comprehend it. . . that’s just how it works.


What upsets me is when people claim they have issues with these two things but are really just looking for attention. It really ruins it for those of us who actually are fighting for our lives everyday. (AND SUCCEEDING) There is a huge difference between being nervous or uncomfortable in certain situations (which is completely normal) and, having anxiety so badly that your brain shuts down and simple tasks or conversations become overwhelming. When I say I have anxiety it means, I slowly start to black out, I start loosing vision, I cannot breathe, and I struggle communicating. When I say I have depression it doesn’t mean I’m sad about something that has happened. It doesn’t mean I’ve had a hard a life. It doesn’t mean I want your pitty. I means some days I would just rather die. Some days getting dressed and eating seems like it’s not even worth it, because I’M not worth it.

Put all of that on top of being a new mom (hello anxiety), and having my mother die unexpectedly less than a year ago (hello depression). I should be in a padded room. But here I am, writing a blog, taking care of my son, trying to start a small business, trying to make my marriage work, and surprisingly have more good days than bad. It doesn’t mean I’m not struggling, it means despite what I am feeling I am living, and doing.

Because I know YES, IT IS ALL IN MY HEAD.
That’s how a MENTAL DISORDER works! A chemical imbalance in my brain.
Where is my brain located?

wait for it….


IN MY HEAD! (insert explosion sounds here)

Until Next Week
– Mama T



Why Go Natural?

Why Go Natural?

Yesterday I was thinking about how happy I get when using natural skin care products. I know this sounds a bit ridiculous- but oh well.

I’ve compiled a list of reasons why I think natural is best, and I hope it makes you as happy as it does me! (Or even happier.)

Why Go Natural? Simple Thoughts From a Mom…

Why do I use natural skin care products? The most obvious reason to me is that natural products are organic. Organic meaning you have a good chance of actually recognizing ingredient names in a given product.  Which also means, they are much better for your body because everything is natural.

Secondly,  Fair Trade. Many ingredients used in natural skin care products come from different countries. And it is really important to make sure that all of the hard working people who grow, harvest and make things like cocoa butter, coconut milk, essential oils, etc. are actually working in safe conditions and given fair wages. Thankfully, small businesses like our’s, MN.M’s, can find bulk ingredients that follow those guide lines.

Thirdly, have you ever noticed how amazing natural products smell?!  It’s because they are made with real ingredients, not synthetic ones. So that’s a win, win.

Also, natural skincare products make excellent gifts! They are gender neutral, practical, and good for your body. (If you didn’t catch that fact yet. ) Plus, they work. This is coming from someone who has always battled with an oily face. Yet now, using the facial products that MN.M’s makes, my skin is black head free! (No joke, ask my sister about how my face used to be.)

So, there you have it! My two cents worth on why you should use natural skincare products.

Have a good weekend, everybody!













support small businesses

makes good gifts

they really work (sometimes better than other products)








You know…because of auto correct on my phone, I miss being able to do a good ol’ fashioned key smash. It always turns it into words, sometimes I don’t HAVE the words and I WANT it to say nothing.


Day 2 of Baby T’s teething…and 2 nights of no sleeping. He’s got the works, the fever, the screaming, the drooling, the not eating, and the not sleeping. Poor little dude is miserable. So, I am chugging all the coffee, and feeling like a “mombie”. (also making sure to use my Super Serum daily to avoid LOOKING like a “mombie” *winkwink*)

Baby T will be a year old next month! When did I get old? (haha)

I’m going to blame the lack of brain function for not having anything substantial to say this week. I’ll do better next week I swear! (Also Ii completely forgot about doing our Mom Humor Monday post on Facebook until it was Tuesday…so here is something to make up for that)

– Mama T