We started going through Mom’s things this week.

How do you box up someone’s whole life without putting parts of yourself in there too?

Everything is attached to a memory, and when you know no new ones can be made those items become the only tangible things connecting you to the past. A past that you don’t want to be boxed away and done with. Realistically you cannot keep all of those things either though.

How are you supposed to pick which parts to hang on to, and what parts are okay to let go?

I know some stuff Mom would laugh at us for keeping. Somehow she always knew when it was time to let go. (whether it was items, feelings, or toxic people) She always knew what mattered most.

One of the things we found was a binder of poems that she had typed up. I read aloud a funny one about the time her dog actually ate her homework, and another one about some muddy boots. Then I came to one in font five times bigger than the rest, and red flowers in the corners, labeled CHANGE. This one I couldn’t read aloud.


Good bye-
We have said it before.
I guess it is time
to say it once more.

Our paths seem to split.
Two different directions they take.
The journey stays the same.
We live and love for Jesus’ sake.

Change is a part of life.
We know it to be true.
So now come some
changes for you.

Prayer will keep us
where miles have parted.
God will finish
all that He has started.

As you leave
look ahead to see
what God will do
and who you will be.

Susanna Collins
April 18, 2000


Until Next Week
– Mama T