The Mamas


Sue – I am a Minnesota Mama. It took almost 25 years to qualify and 25 more to make it to Grandma. Thrilled to be both. Anything else pales in comparison – not worth mentioning here. Blogging is a “stretch and grow” for me and, a great way for me to connect with my daughters; the other two Mamas, as we work together.

October 1967 – December 2017



Hi, I’m a Minnesota Mama, trying to follow in the footsteps of my own mama. Also, I ‘m glad to be a part of this new skincare en devour!



I was homeschooled graduated at 16, and graduated from cosmetology school at 17. Moved out and had my first hairstylist job by 18, and I haven’t stop pushing forward since then! I worked as a hairstylist for 5 years and now I’m a stay at home mom. Trying to get this idea of affordable all natural skin care products off the ground.