Be Better.

Be Better.

Have any of you heard of Save The Storks?

If you have time watch this: 

If you have more time, watch this: 


A few years ago,  at Sonshine Music Festival in Wilmar Mn,  Save The Storks had a booth and a group of us actually met Joe Baker (Founder and CEO) and got to go inside one of their vans. It was a crazy, awesome experience. Especially for me, a teen in high school, who had written multiple school papers on the subject of abortion.

I can honestly attest to the van being  clean and inviting , with a safe feeling atmosphere.

Fast forward to my husband and I losing our son at 14 weeks in the womb. (The pain of that experience which can only be understood by someone else who has gone through the same thing. ) And I just remember thinking repeatedly, But….. I wanted him! while trying to fathom how anyone, when it really came down to it, could knowingly end a baby’s life.

This subject has been big on my mind, especially this month, because August was when my son was due to be born.

I couldn’t save my son, Aaron’s, life.  But Save The Storks gives me the opportunity to give other babies the chance to live!  That’s why I want to spread awareness of  the amazing work these people do.

Now, I realize that some of you honestly don’t have a lot of money. But even spreading the word about Save The Storks is helpful! Also, if you check out their online store, they have reasonably priced merch. So even if you have one dollar, you can buy one of their buttons and that money still goes towards saving lives.

I hope you don’t just pass this off, but think and act.  Because this is a serious cause.  Here’s a link to Save The Stork’s website:

Go check it out!